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October 09 2014

How to take care of your clip in hair extensions?

Sep 29, 2014-China-One of the great things about being a girl is being able to change your look at the drop of a hat �C and no single beauty product makes it easier than clip in hair extensions. Attached to your own hair with no professional help, clip in hair can transform your own tresses from world weary to wow in less than five minutes. With none of the awkward growing out stage to contend with, you can simply clip on hair
, enjoy instantly longer hair and get on with your day.

A full head set of Remy clip in extensions will cost around ��80 - ��100. As the sets are designed to be reused, it��s important to take proper care of them so they stay looking their best. When purchasing clips in, always look for a Remy hair designation in the product description �C this means the clip ins are made from the best quality human hair, rather than synthetic hair which is difficult to style, can��t be heat treated and will last only one or two wears before shedding and starting to look lack lustre.

Taking care of hair extensions doesn��t require any special tools and can be done quite quickly and easily at home.

Styling Tips

Human clip in extensions can be straightened and blow dried, curled and heat styled along with your normal hair. But, just as you shouldn��t let your ceramic straighteners or hairdryer near your own hair without applying a heat protection spray, you should also be sure to spray your clip ins with a heat treatment spray. This protects the hair from the often 200-300 degree temperatures of modern ceramic straighten without singing the hair shaft and damaging it.


Hair extensions can be brushed when worn with a wide tooth comb or good quality bristle brush. Be careful to avoid the clips when brushing your hair while wearing as the brush will tangle and can pull. When you remove your clip in hair extensions at the end of the day, you can brush them to untangle and smooth �C simply hold up and starting from the bottom, gently pull a wide tooth comb through the hair. If any of the clips ins are knotted or tangled, gently detangle starting from the bottom of the knot.


Although you should always remove clip in extensions before bathing or showering, you can wash them to keep them looking and feeling clean. The easiest way to do so is to gently wet the extensions with warm water, either by placing them in a basin or by holding a shower attachment over them at a gentle pressure and mild temperature.

Shampoo can be applied to the extensions, simply comb through to ensure all strands are coated and then rinse until the water runs clear. Repeat this process with a gentle conditioner.


Clip in extensions can be dried with a hair dryer if you��re in a hurry (provided a heat protection spray is applied first) but treat them as you would your own hair. That means leaving them to air dry until they are around 80% dry and then drying with a hairdryer. They can then be straightened and styled as usual.

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